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Courgette, Heirloom 'Verte de Milan', Organic

AED 13 / portion (500g)

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Courgette (Zucchini), Heirloom ‘Verte de Milan’, Organic

This is a wonderful green organic heirloom Courgette from Italy. It has a dark green skin and a sweet delicious flesh.

All our organic Courgettes (or depending on where you from Zucchini) are tender and sweet. Freshly harvested every morning they simply can’t be compared to what is available in larger stores. Courgettes are very versatile you can use them raw in salads, turn them into ‘spaghetti’, dips, add them to stews, stir fries or cakes.

There are many different types of Courgettes available today. The colours range from light yellow to deep, dark green with stripes. They mostly come in oblong shapes but some varieties are round too.

Courgettes were initially young Marrows, but in the last few decades they have been grown in their own right and are now regarded as a different vegetable. Marrows came to Europe from North America in the 16th century, but not much else is known about their history, as there are no longer any native species that correspond to the plants we grow today.

This is a very tender and sweet old-fashioned Italian heirloom variety that is best eaten at a small to medium size.

Organic Certification Number: ESMA E20-05-000056

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