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Cucumber, Heirloom 'Beit Alpha', Organic

AED 8 / portion (500g)

10 portion (500g) in stock

Cucumber, Heirloom ‘Beit Alpha’, Organic

Our organic cucumbers are sweet and crunchy and grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. That’s a promise.

A delicious, very sweet cucumber that is usually picked small and does not need peeling, as the skin is very tender. This variety is grown everywhere in the Mediterranean and has beautifully adjusted to our desert climate.

Cucumbers grow on vines and can be harvested for up to 10 weeks depending on weather conditions. They have been used as a vegetable for almost 5,000 years and were first grown in India, where they were developed from a native species. From there they spread into China, Greece and the Roman Empire. There are several different colourings and shapes available and we are aiming to grow a wide selection throughout the year.

This is a classic Middle Eastern slicing variety, grown for fresh consumption.

Organic Certification Number: ESMA E20-05-000056


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