The Greenheart Farm had very humble beginnings. 20 years ago, Greenheart founder Elena Kinane started out on her apartment balcony in Bur Dubai!! Recovering from a chronic illness she was determined to eat only the freshest organic Greens. Coming from an eco-friendly background she grew up surrounded by vegetable patches and fruit trees.

In 2009 Elena took the plunge and set up Nazwa Organic Farm together with a group of friends. Although short lived, its temporary success convinced Elena that growing genuine organic produce on a larger scale in the UAE desert was possible.

More experienced and better equipped, Elena and the team started out again in 2012 and set up Greenheart Organic Farms. Initially, the Greenheart Farm consisted of one old grow house and a few scattered vegetable patches. The produce was delivered weekly to residents of Arabian Ranches. The farm grew slowly and with increased yields more frequent deliveries were introduced. In 2013 the Greenheart Online Store was launched and the Farm Shop opened.

Greenheart focused primarily on selling on its own produce but soon started building relationships with other organic farmers in the region and began to import organic fruit from Lebanon, Sri Lanka and India. In an effort not to become just another organic supermarket, when Greenheart started to import other organic items, focus was on clean organic health foods that were nutritionally valuable.

Since then Greenheart has gradually expanded their main farm, extended their product range, home delivery frequency/radius and supplies a wide range of wholesale clients. In November 2017 Greenheart rebranded and launched their new current website



This short movie was produced by Conde Nast Traveller in early 2017. It provides a good overview of the farm, its’ size and main structures. It was shot on a rainy day but as luck would have it the sun came out in the middle of the interview and made me look a bit uncomfortable 🙂 



Greenheart is a team and every member contributes daily to successfully growing and delivering you the best possible organic produce and products. We value every member of our growing ‘family’ and treat everyone with respect.

Everyone contributes to the success of Greenheart.


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Greenheart ethics

By creating Greenheart we’ve made a dream a reality. We’ve set up a farm and business in the UAE desert that provides genuine organic, affordable, nutritious fresh food to our community without harming animals or our planet and whilst being fair to employees, clients and partners. 

We feel that if we can grow large quantities of produce, at a profit, without the use of chemicals, under harsh conditions then it can be done anywhere in the world. So the argument that the world can’t be fed without chemicals simply has no weight. We do not need to abuse, pollute or poison our soil, water or atmosphere to feed the planet’s population. We respect people, animals, nature, and the circle of life. We aim to build trust and long-term relationships. 

To us, Greenheart succeeding means that we’re putting down a marker, or erecting a sign to say ‘Feeding the world organically and sustainably without exploitation or abuse is a reality’. We are doing our part every day and we firmly believe that nobody needs to abuse, pollute and poison our land, water and atmosphere to feed people or to make money. We respect the circle of life, nature, animals and people. We aim to build trust and long-term relationships. 


Thank you for helping to make this dream a reality and being part of this journey. Please keep spreading the word.

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