The Greenheart Farm is located in an off-road desert setting near Quata in the Emirate of Sharjah, about an hour’s drive from Dubai. When we started out in 2012 we grew produce on only a few patches. Now in 2021 we grow and keep our animals on over 80,000m2, 30 cooled grow-houses, 13 shaded shabras, 5,000square meters of animal enclosures and an open field of approximately 45,000 square meters. 

Soil Building

As there is no soil in the desert so one of our greatest challenges is to produce enough farm made compost to enrich the desert sand in order to build proper soil. Without nutritious soil it’s impossible to grow genuine organic produce long term. Did you know that there are more microorganisms in half a cup of healthy soil then there are human beings on our planet? Our extensive soil-building programme is a labour of love. We collect all crop left-overs, dry and shred them and then add the manure from our grass-fed goats, chickens and cows. It takes about 6 months for our compost to be complete and safe to use. Doing this is really worth the effort as rich, healthy soil is not only essential for growing amazing fruit & vegetables, it also sequesters some of the excess carbon dioxide that causes global warming. 

100% Chemical Free

Our entire operation is 100% chemical free. We practice crop rotation, companion planting and many other natural traditional techniques to grow successfully without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. 

Heirloom Seeds

We mostly grow traditional heirloom vegetable varieties. What are heirloom seeds? Generally any seed variety that existed before 1952, the year when industrialized seeds first emerged on the scene. Heirloom seeds can be grown again true to variety whereas industrialized seeds are mostly sterile. Now in 2021 after 9 years of cultivating our own seeds and grow over 160 varieties and maintains the only heirloom seed bank in the region.

Well Water

The water we use to grow our produce comes from underground wells. The sweet water is purified with our own filtration system. We’re very carful not to waste any water and drip irrigate our entire farm. As we build soil with good structure, unlike desert sand, our fields are able to retain water and absorb it for a slow release. The desert hardy heirloom seeds we cultivates also need much less water as they develop an extensive root system that is designed to uptake water and nutrients slowly over time rather than in quick burst as modern industrial varieties do.

Slaughter Free

We are a slaughter free farm and keep our goats, chickens and cows mostly for the manure. Genuine organic milk production in an approved dairy is not feasible in the UAE as yields are just too low and the cost of growing grass is very high. Therefore we only sell our chicken eggs. All our animals live in large open enclosures and are mostly grass and vegetable fed. 

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