Maison Duffour, Saint-Nectare Fremier Cheese, France (raw cows milk)
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French Diary, La Cave a Fromage, Saint-Nectare Fremier Cheese AOP (raw milk)

AED 38 / portion (300g)

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French Dairy, La Cave a Fromage, Saint-Nectare Fremier Cheese AOP (raw milk)

A wonderful French raw cows milk cheese.

Made from cows that feed on the very rich and perfumed volcanic pasture lands of the uplands of the Auvergne region of France. The Saint Nectaire fermier (farm) cheese is easily recognized by its green label. The aging process (affinage) is carried out in old vine cellars. At maturity the thick rind gives off a subtle, slightly pungent smell of rye straw and mushroom. The pâte should have a pronounced taste of nut, milk and the lush pasture, lands of its origin. The natural rind, covered by white, yellow or red mould according to the maturing period, hides a creamy and supple pâte.
Country of origin: Auvergne Region
Portion size: 300g approx.

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