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Eggs, organic & free range

AED 22.50 / box (6pcs)

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Eggs, organic, free-range

Please only order 1 box of eggs per delivery, thank you. Kindly note that our eggs are from grass-fed chickens and smaller than industrial eggs. WE’RE UNABLE TO DELIVER JUST EGGS. Thank you for your understanding. 

Our Eggs are fresh, free-range, organic and simply amazing. Most ‘organic’ eggs don’t taste much better than non-organic eggs is because of what they have been fed. Commercial ‘organic egg productions’ feed their chickens industrial made organic chicken feed (dried pellets), corn and grains. Such a diet is unhealthy and fattens the chickens, but it increases the egg production and the size of the eggs. We feed our chickens a diet of fresh grasses, vegetable left-overs and a little home-grown corn, all of which gives the chickens the right nutrients. Hence our Eggs are small but nutritious, free of any chemical substances and so tasty. Our chickens are kept in a large outside space which is shaded by trees and they sleep in a comfortable, fanned, Barasti shed with a sprinkler system for the hotter months. All our Eggs are freshly laid and are stored for a maximum of 24hours.

Please note that due to the shortage of eggs we can only sell the eggs in conjunction with other purchases and can not sell the eggs alone in high volumes. Also at times we are unable to guarantee Egg availability. We reserve the right to deliver the following day. Thank you for your understanding.

Order before 12pm and receive your delivery the next day (weekdays only, most areas in the UAE) | Minimum order for free Dubai daytime home delivery AED 150 Dismiss