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Cabbage, red

AED 8.50 / piece (ave 500g)

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Cabbage – Brassica Oleracea

Cabbages have been in cultivation for 3,ooo years or so, but the cabbage we know today is a fairly recent development, probably dating from the Middle Ages. Cabbage can be found growing in the wild throughout Europe, but this form is more akin with broccoli than the hearted varieties with which we are familiar. Cabbages come in various forms and colours. It needs cooler temperatures so we are only able to grow it during the winter months.

This is a beautiful, dark purple heirloom variety called Red Acre. We are trying to grow it from seed in the coming season to adapt the seeds to local growing conditions and may thus expand it the time frame in which it can be grown.

*Please note we sell Cabbages by piece. The average weight per piece is 500g.