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Fennel, Florence, Heirloom, 'Finnochio Florence', Organic

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Florence Fennel, Heirloom, ‘Finnochio Florence’, Organic

Our organic Florence Fennel is renowned for its outstanding taste and smell. Now for the first time grown from our own heirloom Seeds. Fennel is one of the most nutritional valuable vegetables but is often overlooked. So we are going a bit more into detail here.

Vitamin C is the most active vitamin in fennel (12 milligrams per 100-gram serving), and has the strength to zap free radicals that are looking for a place to cause damage in the body, usually in the form of inflammation, which could lead to joint degeneration and arthritis. Other prominent nutrients include potassium, an electrolyte that helps fight high blood pressure, and folate, which helps convert potentially dangerous molecules called homocysteine into a benign form.

The dietary fiber in fennel may help limit cholesterol buildup, absorb water in the digestive system and eliminate carcinogens from the colon, possibly reducing the risk of colon cancer. Several other nutrients play supportive roles, namely manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.

Meanwhile, phytonutrients in fennel seeds and bulbs include rutin, quercetin and kaempferol. These antioxidants help resist infection, slow down aging and protect against degenerative neurological diseases.

The most important nutrient in this vegetable might be anethole, a component in the volatile oil of fennel and one of the most powerful agents against cancer, possibly due to a biological mechanism that shuts down or inhibits the activation of NF-κB, a gene-altering, inflammation-triggering molecule. Check out the other nutrition facts of fennel below.

Organic Certification Number: ESMA E20-05-000056

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