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Lettuce, Heirloom Mix, Organic

AED 22.50 / portion (500g)

1 portion (500g) in stock

Lettuce,  Heirloom Mix, Organic

Our Mixed Lettuce include a wonderful selection of Lollo Rosso, ‘Garnet Rosa’, ‘Merlot Flame’, ‘Devil’s Ear’, Butterhead, Green Oak Leave, Red Oak Leave or any of our other heirloom varieties. Selection depends on daily availability.

Lettuce have been cultivated for thousands of years. They were first grown by the ancient Egyptians and were then spread by the Romans into the rest of Europe. Lettuce come in lots of different colours, shapes and sizes and we are growing a large selection of seasonal varieties all year round.

Please note that the selection of our mixed Lettuce depends on daily availability.

Organic Certification Number: ESMA E20-05-000056

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