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Kohlrabi, green

AED 9.50 / pc (0.3kg)

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Kohlrabi, green, organic 

This lovely, tasty, organic Kohlrabi is bursting with nutrients. In fact it is nearly as nutritious as Kale but much more versatile. You can steam it, bake it, add it to soups & stews and of course eat it raw as crudite or grate it and add to salads.

Kohlrabi is a short-stemmed Cabbage, but the stem is swollen into a round ball. The fact that it is a stem can be seen from the cabbage-like leaves that sprout out from all around the swelling. The skin is either green or purple depending on variety and the flesh is white. Kohlrabi has a fresh, mildly peppery taste and can be eaten either raw or steamed & boiled. It is thought to have originated in Europe as late as the 15th  or 16th century although it may have first been developed by the Romans.

This item is only sold by piece only. The price per kg is AED 29.50.