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Happy Earth Organic, Organic Medjool Dates 

AED 60 / box (500g)

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Happy Earth Organic, Organic Medjool Dates

The Medjool date is notable for its distinctive qualities, such as its thin, reddish-brown to mahogany skin, and its flesh that boasts a rich amber hue. These dates possess natural sweetness, eliminating the need for additional sugar. Furthermore, they are packed with potassium, which is highly beneficial for your health. Each bite of these delightful fruits leaves behind a pleasant and lingering taste that is truly enjoyable.

With their low sodium, fat, and cholesterol content, Medjool dates are an exceptional choice for individuals seeking a healthy snack. They are often hailed as an organic superfood and have gained global popularity.

If you’re in search of a treat that is both nourishing and gratifying, you can’t go wrong with Medjool dates. They not only rank among the largest types of dates available, but they also possess distinctive reddish-brown skin and captivating amber-colored flesh. These gourmet dates, also known as ‘California Dates,’ offer a heavenly texture that is moist and plump, further enhancing the overall pleasure of each bite.

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