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Happy Earth Organic, Organic Khidri Dates 

AED 42 / box (500g)

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Happy Earth Organic, Organic Khidri Dates

Experience the premium delight of Segai dates – a soft, juicy, and surprisingly chewy variety that is bound to become your new favorite. These gourmet dates are medium-sized and boast a two-toned appearance, featuring a crunchy, dry base bursting with fruity flavors. Compared to other types of dates, Segai dates offer a mild sweetness, making them an ideal indulgence for mid-afternoon cravings or after-dinner treats.

With their exclusivity, Segai dates make the perfect gift for true connoisseurs of this exquisite fruit. Sink your teeth into these delightful dates and embark on a tantalizing flavor journey that will leave you yearning for more. With a flavor reminiscent of brown sugar, this popular date variety is often enjoyed alongside Arabic coffee.

Indulge your taste buds with our exclusive organic Segai dates, offering a juicy sensation unlike any other. Seeking the ideal present? Explore our selection of elegant gourmet date gift boxes, featuring these exquisite Segai dates. Whether you’re a seasoned date enthusiast or simply eager to try something new, these gourmet Segai dates are an excellent choice.

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