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Dragon Superfoods, Organic Rainforest Sugar

AED 18.50 / pack (250g)

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Dragon Superfoods, Organic Rainforest Sugar

Rainforest Sugar Dragon Superfoods is a great alternative to refined sugar. Perfect natural sweetener to replace the white cane sugar as for hot drinks as for any recipes.

– natural sweetener
– unrefined Arenga sugar
– alternative to white cane sugar
– very high burn temperature
– Arenga palm trees improve the ecosystem of the forest
– 100% organic

Dragon Superfoods Rainforest Sugar is made from the Indonesian Arenga palm – cited as the forest ‘champion’. The tree thrives on challenging damaged soils, improves its ecosystem and has a growth nature that enables sustainable harvests. A great alternative to refined sugar, this product has a mellow taste and a very high burn temperature that makes it suitable for confectionery goods. Naturally you can just use it to sweeten desserts, hot drinks and why not even caramelize your savoury dishes.

Ingredients: Arenga pinnata organic palm sugar (100%).
Keep in a cool and dry place.

Organic certification of the product by BG-BIO-22

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