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Co Chocolat, Artisan Gourmet Green Hazelnut  Gianduja Spread (coconut sugar)

AED 55 / jar (150g)

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Co Chocolat, Artisan Gourmet Green Hazelnut  Gianduja Spread (coconut sugar)

We’re truly delighted to introduce ‘Co Chocolate’, local Farm-to-Table Chocolate Artisans committed to sustainability, fair trade & best quality heathy ingredients. The coca beans are grown on small sustainable farm in southern Philippines especially for Co Chocolate. The proceeds of the crops feed entire communities. The coca beans are cultivated without chemicals but there is no Organic Certification yet.

The chocolates are manufactured by hand in a small facility right here in Dubai.  Quality of production processes and all ingredients is in the forefront of this endeavour. The range includes many different flavoured bars, truffles, hot chocolates, spreads, coco nips & butter, cakes and crackers. We have many introductory Ramadan Offers that allow you to try lots of different flavours so you can see which ones you love the most 🙂


Gianduja originated in Italy when there was a scarcity of cacao centuries ago.  Napoleon Bonaparte prevented British goods from entering European harbours under French control and put a strain on cocoa supplies. A chocolatier in Turin named Michele Prochet used hazelnuts as extenders and before long, people were clamoring for it. These days, children are allowed to eat a perverted version of Gianduja sold cheap by the buckets in grocery shops. These chocolate spreads are filled with lots and lots of sugar and palm oil with a small percentage of the healthy nuts. Unfortunately, very few people realize how unhealthy these “treats” are. So we went back in history and brought back the original goodness of Gianduja. Children and grown-ups alike will love this healthy chocolate spread.

Green Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 

At Co, we’ve gone back in time making hazelnuts and cacao the heroes of our gianduja using olive oil to blend these superfoods together. And now, with our Green Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, we stepped up the health a notch higher. This gianduja jar is filled with all of nature’s delicious goodness without the additives, artificial coloring, cane sugar, and extenders. Plus, it’s Vegan!

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, whole cacao beans, coconut sugar, olive oil, gluten-free oats, and a blend of spices.

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