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Carrots, Heirloom 'Gniff', Organic

AED 13 / portion (500g)

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Carrots, Heirloom ‘Gniff”, Organic

This rare purple Carrot originated as all other purple Carrots around the area of todays Afghanistan. It is assumed that through religious pilgrims it made its way into the Mediterranean. Purple Carrots never became a great success in Europe and very few farmers ended up growing them. But somehow one batch of seeds made it into the remote Tessin valley of Switzerland (which has a very unique micro-climate) and was grown there for hundreds of years until it became almost extinct in the mid 20th century. The beautiful amethyst-colored carrots were rediscovered in the 1950s in the picturesque Alps village of Bre, where an old local women still grew them for sale at farmers markets. It nearly became extinct if it hadn’t been for the efforts of one resident who took some of the seeds from the old farmer made every effort to keep the crop going. Sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference!!  “Gniff” is translated to “purple” in the local dialect. Being a landrace, this carrot expresses a range of colors, from its purple exterior to its violet-hued interior.

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