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Apples, Granny Smith, Organic, France

AED 15.50 / portion (500g)

19 portion (500g) in stock

Apple, Granny Smith, Organic, France

Organic Certification: EcoCert FR-BIO-01France

We are delighted to be able to offer Organic Granny Smith Apples. Finding organic varieties is not an easy job. Granny Smith is one of several apple cultivars that are high in antioxidant activity, and they boast the highest concentration of phenols amongst the apple breeds.  Granny Smith (among other apples) are a particularly efficient source of antioxidants, particularly the flavonoids cyanidin and epicatechin, especially if eaten with the skin intact. As our Granny Smith are 100% Organic and devoid of the pesticides used in conventional production, the full nutritional benefits can be extracted.

Green with a slight pink blush if cool nights precede harvest, Firm, medium grain, bright white flesh that resists browning when sliced. Our wonderful Granny Smith have a fresh tartness, and mouthwatering crunch.



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