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Baker's Kitchen, Handmade Sourdough Sesame Brioche Buns

AED 9 / pack (2pcs-160g)

17 pack (2pcs-160g) in stock

Baker’s Kitchen, Handmade Sourdough Sesame Brioche Buns

The Baker’s Kitchen makes simply the best traditional healthy artisan sourdough breads in the region. They use honest, wholesome best quality ingredients in all their baked goods and go organic wherever possible. No preservatives, flavour enhancers or other additives are added to any of their loaves. Due to the long fermentation process sourdough breads are much easier to digest than regular breads.

Delicious Sourdough Sesame Brioche Buns completely free of any E-numbers made from clean wholesome ingredients. Freshly made from the Baker’s Kitchens famouse Sourdough. Once you try them you will never be able to go back to regular industrial buns.

Ingredients: Wheat Sourdough, wheat flour, full fat milk, egg, butter, sesame, rock salt, cane sugar, yeast, lemon zest, vanilla

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