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Amazonia, Organic Raw Pure Pitaya Pulp (frozen)

AED 27 / pack (4 x 100g)

8 pack (4 x 100g) in stock

Amazonia, Organic Raw Pure Pitaya Pulp (frozen)

Amazonia products are the perfect addition to our freshly harvested organic Greenheart vegetables & greens grown right here in the UAE. All supplements and frozen goods are made from best quality clean ingredients. Most products are organic, vegan and gluten free. All vegan products are clearly labelled. Order now for home delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and most other Emirates.

Amazonia Pitaya Superofood Packs are created with 100% organic pink pitaya. Harvested from the deep pink dragon fruit, it carries an exceptional nutritional prole, with a delicious exotic avour. Our sustainably harvested pitaya provides a nourishing combination of antioxidant-rich vitamin C, iron, B-vitamins and bre and has no added sugar.

Simply add to your smoothy frozen, or defrost and add to yogurt, fruit salad, and deserts.


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