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Benefits of a Healthy Organic Diet

Each New Year many of us set out with good intentions to start a healthy, clean eating regime. We do this to feel better, look better and /or loose weight. Sadly however, come February most of us are back to our old eating habits. Why is this?

There are many reasons but one of the main ones might be the absence of any obvious results. Unfortunately much of the conventionally grown ‘fresh’ produce that you can buy in supermarkets hasn’t much nutritional value and is in fact full of chemicals. It’s probable it has been picked while still unripe (fruit vegetables) and has travelled long distances before being stored for weeks. Many processed so-called ‘health’ foods may look and sound the part but in fact contain preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours, hormones, antibiotics and toxins. So unless you seek out genuine organic fresh produce you’re unlikely to reap the rewards of your dietary changes.

Next to growing without chemical fertilizers & pesticides, genuine organic farmers are required to have a soil-building program in place, where the soil is enriched with natural nutrients. This is why fresh organic food is much richer in vitamins and minerals. By eating it regularly you can notice the difference quickly. Shinier hair, glowing smooth skin healthy gums, stronger fingernails and lean physic are just some of the most apparent ‘side effects’. Generally you’ll just feel healthier and more energetic. If you stick with it, in time symptoms of chronic disease my lessen or disappear altogether, yes this does happen!

So if you wan to make some positive changes  take your time, do your homework, look for the best available produce and go for it. Instead of being addicted to processed foods and take-aways you may just get hooked on the result that great organic produce will bring and never look back!

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