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Zola Collective, Hibiscus (Roselle)Tea

AED 35.00 / pouch (75g)

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Zola Collective, Hibiscus (Roselle) Tea

Zola Collective Hibiscus Tea comes from the Roselle Plant. The red flowers are dried naturally producing 100% natural organic superfood. The cranberry tasting tea has numerous health benefits, boosts your immune system and improves digestion.

This product is grown using organic methods and is free of chemicals however it is not yet certified and we therefore don’t label is as organic.

✓ 100% Natural;
✓ Caffeine-Free;
✓ Low-Calorie Beverage;
✓ Excellent Source of Minerals, Vitamins & Organic Acids;
✓ Reduces Fluid Retention;
✓ Effects on Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Reduction;
✓ Laxative Action;

Description: Hibiscus tea has been used as a medicinal preparation for a long time in Africa and Asia. The beverage presents the same beautiful tonality as the flower and has an intense and delicious flavour.
Hibiscus is a natural source of Vitamin C and antioxidants and can help prevent various diseases, decrease bad cholesterol, and be a great ally of weight loss through a diuretic action. Infuse your world with red flowers tasty teas and sip to a happy life and good health.

Serving size: 50 (20 cups)

Directions: Enjoy this 100% organic caffeine-free hibiscus flowers with its crisp, bold juiciness as a hot tea or a refreshing iced beverage.
• We recommend using two tablespoons of hibiscus for 1 liter of water. Bring water to boil, then pour water over tea and steep for 5-10 minutes.
• To enjoy the tea cold, keep it covered in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours without losing the properties.

Disclaimer: It is recommended not to overdo the consumption of this tea since it can cause excessive elimination of essential electrolytes – like sodium and potassium – due to its diuretic action.

Hibiscus tea is contraindicated for pregnant women and women who wish to become pregnant, as it can cause hormonal changes and miscarriage.

The flower is also contraindicated for people who have low blood pressure. It is always recommended to consult a health professional, as only they will be able to indicate the ideal amount of hibiscus that you can consume in a beneficial way for your body

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