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Wild Nut, Pistachio & Tahini Granola Bar

AED 10 / bar (40g)

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Wild Nut, Pistachio & Tahini Granola Bar

Please help us to support this cause!

Wild Nut kitchen is located in the heart of Damascus. We stay true to hiring underprivileged women who have suffered losses during the 12 year ongoing civil war. Losing a family member, a house or your dignity is a price many Syrian women had to pay. We wanted to create a safe working environment where they can grow back their confidence, stand up on their feet again and learn new skills that can help them lead a better life. We teach them skills which they master over time to become essential members of our handmade goods. We aim to support every working woman in our kitchen to rebuild her house, reunite her family or regrow her confidence. And we feel the utmost gratitude to be able to wake up every day and give this back to our community. 

A delicious and wholesome high protein Pistachio and tahini granola bar, with dried pomegranate, walnuts and orange blossom. Perfect for Breakfast on-the-go or as a post work snack. Dairy free. Hand made from best quality clean ingredients with care, not in a mass produced.

Ingredients: Oats, honey, tahini, sesame seeds, buckwheat, pistachio, coconut slices, sunflower seeds, walnuts, coconut oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried pomegranate, cinnamon, blossom water, orange oil, sea salt

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