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Thyme (Za'atar), Organic

AED 5.00 / bunch (100g)

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Thyme (Za’atar), Organic

Thyme is a herb that has been used for medicinal, spiritual and culinary purposes since the ancient Egyptian and Greeks. The Romans spread the herb throughout Europe. They use it to purify their rooms and to add aromatic flavour to food and beverages.  During the Middle Ages, the herb was placed beneath pillows to aid sleep and ward off nightmares and women would also often give a small bunch to knights and warriors as it was believed to bring courage to the bearer. Thyme was also used as incense and placed on coffins during funerals, as it was supposed to assure passage into the next life.

The smell and taste of fresh Thyme is simply divine and can’t be compared to the dried versions. It is a natural anti-septic that can be ingested and applied topically.


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