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Spinach, Baby, Bulk, Organic

AED50 AED 35 / portion (500g)

3 portion (500g) in stock

Baby Spinach, Bulk, Organic 

Our organic Baby Spinach variety has tender, crisp, elongated leaves. Perfect for salads. Simply scrumptious. It has a lovely creamy texture and sweet taste unlike the bitter spinach available in supermarkets. It is freshly harvested every morning and in fact one of the last crops to be cut and packed, just minutes before our van leaves the farm.

Spinach was first cultivated by the Persians and it spread along the trade routes to China and eventually to Spain by the 11th century. It is one of the most delicious superfoods there is and although it dislikes hot and dry weather we are able to grow certain varieties of Baby Spinach all year round. From late September onwards we can grow several different cooking and salad varieties again.

IMPORTANT: Please note that our organic Baby Spinach is not as small as the one you find packaged in Supermarkets. Our Baby Spinach is grown without any chemicals in soil and when harvested too small the leaves will simply wilt before they reach your home. The only way to prevent this is to spray the leaves with preservatives. Secondly, our prices are calculated by yield per square meter and if we had to harvest the spinach very young we would only get about  2-3kg per field and would have to charge 3 times the amount. To grow small baby spinach ‘cost effective’ is only possible with some not so organic help. Thank you for your understanding.

Organic Certification Number: ESMA E18-12-017300

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