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Planet Pure, Organic Grease Remover Orange & Lemon

AED 29.00 / bottle (510ml)

1 bottle (510ml) in stock

Planet Pure, Organic Grease Remover Orange & Lemon

Using nature instead of chemicals! All Planet Pure products are plant-based with ingredients from bio-certified raw materials and therefore 100% biodegradable – in less than 30 days.

Planet Pure Organic Grease Remover is a powerful grease-dissolving kitchen cleaner.

  • Plant-based
  • Free from preservatives
  • GMO and palm oil free

The PLANET PURE organic grease remover for all greasy surfaces in kitchen, bathroom and garage. Suitable for the oven, range hoods, rims, machinery and equipment.


  • dissolves tough dirt, grease deposits and crusts
  • universally applicable, whether in the kitchen (ovens, range hoods), bathrooms and workshops (wheels, machinery and equipment)
  • leaves a fresh and fruity fragrance
  • 100% plant-based
  • preservative-free
  • spray bottle made of organic plastic (cane sugar); dispose of in plastic waste.


  • Shake gently before use!
  • Spray the area to be treated, leave on for a few minutes, wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge and wipe dry.
  • Leave on the area to be treated for up to 2 hours if affected by stubborn stains.
  • < 5% Nonionic surfactants
  • Decyl Glucoside (1)
  • Xylose (1)
  • Candida Bombicola (1)
  • Glucose (1)
  • Rapeseed Acid (1)
  • Ethanol (2)
  • Lemon oil (2)
  • Orange oil (3)
  • Limonene (3)
  1. Natural
  2. Organic
  3. Component of pure essential oils

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