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Newgrange Gold, Irish Rapeseed Oil

AED 28.50 / bottle (250ml)

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Newgrange Gold, Irish Rapeseed Oil

Newgrange Gold is a family business located on the Rogers’ family farm that looks over the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley looking over the Boyne River at Crewbawn. Started by John Rogers in 2010 and is now managed by his son, Jack Rogers.

Having watched Oilseed Rape grown on the Rogers’ family farm leaving in trailers to the local merchant, John saw an opportunity to create a brand that connected the rich and ancient soils of the Boyne valley and the high-quality food produced there.

Newgrange Gold Rapeseed Oil is grown, harvested and pressed in the heart of the Boyne Valley

Nutritional Value Newgrange Gold Rapeseed and Camelina Wild Flax Oils Graph

Newgrange Gold award winning Rapeseed Oil is sourced from the Boyne Valley. We Cold press and bottle everything on our farm in the heart of the Boyne Valley. Our rapeseed oil contains half the saturated fat of olive oil. It is high levels of Omega 3 which the human body can convert to help reduce cholesterol, which may reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Our oil also contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and has a number of very important functions one of which is protecting cell membranes.

Rapeseed oil has a higher burning point making it a much more versatile oil. It is high in Omega 3 to balance the Omega 6 in the diet. It contains 10 times the essential fatty acid of Omega 3 than in olive oil. Newgrange Gold Rapeseed Oil is delicious for salads, roasting or as a dipping oil for rustic breads. Our oil has a unique flavour that will add taste and texture to every meal.

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