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Naturya, Organic Spirulina Powder

AED 69.00 / bag (200g)

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Naturya, Organic Spirulina Powder
  • Spirulina has inhabited the world for over 2.4 billion years
  • Rich in vitamin B12 and protein
  • Helps build muscle mass and support immunity
  • Organic, gluten-free, kosher and vegan
  • Allergens: Contains naturally occurring Sulphites

Naturya Quality: The fierce spirulina thrives in a hostile environment deadly to most microorganisms. So it can be organically farmed without need for chemical pesticides to sterilise it. Naturya’s is grown on a island in the South China Sea – surrounded by rich forest, protected from urban or agricultural pollution. Naturya rigorously test for mercury, lead and other contaminants, guaranteeing a pure product without risk of heavy metal poisoning. We also test the growing ponds daily for pH value and optical density. Spirulina is harvested with a fine mesh-screen that captures the small coiled filaments from the water. It’s then sieved and transferred to a washing pond, before being hand-washed over a mesh-screen, ensuring that only pure spirulina is processed. This wet spirulina is placed in a drying chamber which quickly evaporates all the moisture, while preserving nutrient content – leaving the fine green powder which they package for you.

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