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Mr Organic, Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli

AED 15 / bag (500g)

3 bag (500g) in stock

Mr Organic, Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli 

Mr Organic’s traditional authentic Italian pastas are produced in Puglia, Southern Italy. We only use 100% Italian organic durum wheat flour which is the best and the pasta is dried slowly at a low temperature in small batches.

Why is this important? CAUTION…Only read on if you are interested in the geeky facts! Basically, the quicker you dry the pasta at higher temperatures the less the pasta is able to absorb water during cooking. This is how large manufacturers produce lots of cheap pasta because it is quick and they can churn out lots at a time. The problem with this is that the pasta won’t cook properly and will usually be mushy on the outside and too hard on the inside which means you’ll never get the best eating experience.

Whole wheat pasta is the nutritionally superior sibling in the pasta family, boasting vitamin E, major B vitamins, antioxidants, appetite-squashing fibre, protein, and healthy fats. Its stronger, nuttier flavour and more grainy consistency is a contrast to white pasta, but it works very well with rich sauces like our Arrabbiata.

Anyway, enough of that! For the best possible flavour remember to add a touch of sea salt to the water before cooking and take the pasta out al dente. It’s the best and healthiest way to cook it.

Ingredients: Organic Durum Whole Wheat Semolina (suitable for vegans)

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