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Mr Fox, 'The 7 Essentials', Organic Rescue Kit

AED 230.00 / box

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Mr Fox, ‘The 7 Essentials’ Organic Rescue Kit

MR FOX – Combining nature, health and wellbeing, Mr. Fox creates with passion fantastic products for the skin, hair, body & mind, Handmade & 100% Natural.

MR FOX PHILOSOPHY (In Harmony with Nature)

Mr Fox wants to be as sustainable as possible, making sure our decisions will have the least impact on the planet. Mr. Fox is an environmentally health conscious brand

  • Using the best from the botanical world, we only go for 100% natural, wild harvested, ethically sourced, cold-pressed, pure & organic certified ingredients!
  • NO preservatives, NO synthetics, NO artificial fragrances, NO bullsh*t
  • 100% Vegan, our Magic Potions have never been tested on foxes or others animals!
  • We handle every part, from the meticulous sourcing to the handmade blending & packaging of each of our products.
  • Our glass containers are 100% recyclable.

RESCUE KIT –  7 unique and original compositions of essential oils to balance your energy, according to your needs. Small and convenient, take them wherever you go, use them whenever you need!

HOW TO USE The energy roll-on are used on specific areas/pressure points: on the inner wrists, the neck, on the solar plexus, along the spine or during a foot massage.

WHEN & WHERE TO USE  Every time you feel the need to balance your energy, to enhance your mood, or just to relax. Use them as you are inspired, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy! That’s all you have to do. Refer to the properties of each to discover how they can help you in your daily life:

 SIDDHARTHA An invitation to meditation Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Soothing & Grounding, Peace, Serenity and Spirituality, Immerse yourself in the Power of Now, Consciousness, Wisdom

LADY FOXKeep your serial killer mode in check Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Anti-PMS & Mood Swings, Balances the Emotions, Good mood, Optimism, Positivity, Trust

BREATHE Inhale the Good Sh***, Exhale the Bull*** Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Immune System Booster, Brings Respiratory Comfort, Purity, Freshness, Clarity & Communication

RELAX MAX Take it Easy and Chill Out Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Calming, Relaxing & Recomforting, Relief of Stress & Anxiety, Promotes Deep Sleep

 YIN YANG Funk your soul, Balance your mind Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Eases Depression, Harmonizing Yin/Yang Energy, Courage, Intuition, Creativity & Confidence

KICK STARTLike a shot of coffee, What Else?Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Energy booster, Uplifting & Invigorating, Joy, Enthusiasm & Vitality, Helps Concentration & Memory

FOX ME Awaken Your Naughty Senses Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Relaxing & Tranquilizing, Aphrodisiac, Warm & Spicy, Passion, Pleasure, Feeling & Sensuality


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