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La Corvette Marseille, Black Soap with Olive Oil (Concentrate)

AED 75 / bottle (1l)

10 bottle (1l) in stock

La Corvette Marseille, Black Soap with Olive (Concentrate)

The Black Soap is a very effective natural cleaner for the whole house, it’s ecological, 100% natural and biodegradable, it can easily replace about a dozen other specific householder cleaning products.

Product Description: La Corvette has been making cauldron-cooked olive oil black soap at the soap factory in Marseille using traditional crafts expertise for over 125 years.

How to use Black Soap:

  • To clean and degrease the various flooring and surfaces of the house (countertop, bathtub, wood, oven, cooper, silver…) : Dilute 15 ml in 5L of warm water (or 5ml in 1.5l). Does not require rinsing.
  • For deep cleaning: Dilute 40 ml in 5L of warm water. Does require rinsing.
  • For laundry stain remover: Place a few drops of black soap on the fabric, rub lightly and leave it for a few minutes before integrating your laundry into the washing machine. The black soap is very concentrated, it can lightly tint the linen, especially when it is white colour. We recommend that you do a test on a small area of the fabric.
  • For cleaning and conditioning leather: Dilute 15ml in 1 1/2L of warm water, use a slightly dampened rug with the black soap mixture. Pat rather than rub or press too hard while cleaning. The shine on the leather will be restored.
  • For your pet: Wet the hair of your pet, place 40ml of black soap on your pet, massage as if you were shampooing. Rinse thoroughly.


  • 100 % vegetable oils (olive oil)
  • No colouring, no added fragrance, no preservatives
  • No chemical additives

Ingredients: potassium soap made with olive oil, water



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