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Jentschura, Facial Brush

AED 74.00 / piece

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Jentschura Facial Brush

A brush you will fall in love with.  Its gentle bristles gently massage your facial skin and remove dead skin particles at the same time.  Your face and look will show.

This brush is made from beech plywood with soft bristles.  Ideal for facial massages and gentle exfoliation of dead skin on your face.

A few advantages of Jentschura brushes:

▪    Brushes in different shapes adapted for the specific use

▪    Brush bodies are made from solid beech wood or beech plywood

▪    Long, strong and high quality natural bristles

▪    Thick, evenly distributed bristles

▪    Long-lasting when cared for properly

▪    Gentle and also protective skin cleansing

*   Improves blood circulation of the skin

P. Jentschura brushes are made in Germany in a factory that has been producing high quality brushes for more than 165 years. The body of the brush is made from solid beech wood or beech plywood, which is protected against the immersion process of water and it is also given a fine wax coating.  When using the brushes in water over a certain period of time, they will change colour and also small cracks may form.  These processes are natural “working” of the wood and do not affect the quality in any way.  All brushes of P. Jentschura are made with natural bristles.  The best and finest quality is of a traditional brand called Chungking Tiger, which is used for all P. Jentschura brushes.  The first cut of the hard and approximately 120mm long natural bristles, used in the P. Jentschura hairbrush for example, is also known under the name “wild boar bristles”.  The bristles that come in light color are used in cosmetic brushes as well as professional massage brushes, facial and bath brushes.

For wet brushes please make a note on the following:

▪    Wooden brushes should not be floating in the water during the whole bath.  When you take a pause after brushing, place the brush bristles downwards on the edge of your bathtub.

▪    After an alkaline bath should the bristles be rinsed with clear water, excess water should be tapped off and the brush should be placed with the bristles downward on a dry towel.

▪    Wooden brushes should not be placed on a heater, radiator, other heating appliances, or dried with a hairdryer.  This can actually damage the wooden body of the brush by causing drying cracks, which may lead to individual clumps of bristles falling out.

▪    When necessary may the bristles be washed with lukewarm soapy water, but without excessively wetting the wooden body.


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