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Jentschura, AlkaBath, jar (750g)

AED 126.00 / jar (750g)

3 jar (750g) in stock

Jentschura AlkaBath

AlkaBath, an alkaline bathing salt manufactured by the German company Jentschura is the latest addition to our range. We are delighted to introduce this truly wonderful product to you which can be used as a purifying bath, body compress or face mask.  It is part of the Jentschura purification program which is designed to cleanse and revitalise the entire body.
The alkalinity of AlkaBath helps to “pull” accumulations and impurities out from your skin.  The result is that you will feel lighter, more relaxed and your skin will feel baby-like. Body care has been alkaline since the day of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans.  These civilizations used sodium bicarbonate, milk or alkaline soaps for body care.  AlkaBath enables the skin to purify and moisturize itself, giving it perfect suppleness.  Experience the special value of the finely ground eight precious stones agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx.

Application: Full Body Bath, Facial Scrub/ Mask, Foot / Hand Bath, During / Post-Workout Compressions (releases excess lactic acids during and after workout), Natural Deodorant, Massage, Liver / Stomach & Kidney Compressions, Wraps (head, forehead, lower back etc), Dental Care, Nasal wash ( for headaches, blocked sinuses)

Alka Bath is currently only available in the small trial size but we will add larger sizes as soon as they become available.

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