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Greenheart Heirloom Seeds, Spinach 'Malabar', Organic

AED 9 / pack (10 seeds)

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Greenheart Heirloom Seeds, Spinach ‘Malabar’, Organic

We want to support the growing number of home gardeners. When we grow our own food we have a greater appreciation and understanding of what goes into sustainable food production. It helps us to be more environmentally aware and less wasteful. We’ve wanted to share our desert hardy, organic seeds with our community for a long time but it took us 10 years to get to a point where we can. We believe it all helps to encourage more informed and conscientious consumer behaviour.

This isn’t really a spinach variety but it is called ‘Malabar’ Spinach and when cooked it looks and tastes like spinach. This should be eaten raw though. The leaves are juicy, sweet, super nutritious and a delight to eat in salad. It’s a tropical climber with a thick red stem. The leaves are much more heat resistant than regular spinach.

We’ll send you a growing guide via email once the order is placed.

Important: We sell our seeds only in conjunction with fresh produce purchases. The seeds are sold at cost so we’re unable to accept or deliver seed-only orders. Thank you for your understanding. 

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