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Droguerie Ecologique, Household Bicarbonate of Soda

AED 27 / bag (1kg)

23 bag (1kg) in stock

Droguerie Ecologique, Household Bicarbonate of Soda

For more than 15 years, the motto of the Droguerie Ecologique has been “Make your cleaning products yourself! “. The advice and products of the eco drug store accompany you in this “DIY” approach with some simple, effective and economical ingredients. Made in France or Western Europe, the products of the eco drug store are made from natural raw materials, mineral or vegetable and with a maximum of organic ingredients.

Sodium bicarbonate or soda (Na-HCO3) has multiple ecological qualities and is inexpensive. The variety and richness of its applications are amazing. Baking soda can replace many products that you pay so much. Instead of buying anti-lime products, chemical detergents, deodorants and cleaning products … think of baking soda. Cleaning agent, softener, abrasive, pH regulator, deodorant, anti-scale … its applications are many!

– Based on mineral raw materials almost inexhaustible.
– Production and packaging in Western Europe.
– Packaging in kraft bag.
– Wide range of uses.
– Not toxic to humans and the environment.
– Low carbon index.

Sprinkle with bicarbonate the surfaces to be cleaned: sink, worktop, oven, walls, floors … Rub with a sponge then rinse. Baking soda is available in food grade and cosmetic grade.

Baking is the basic ingredient of many recipes to make yourself.

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