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Deena Dairy, Grass-fed Goats Ashed Cheese (UAE made)

AED 47.00 / pcs (120g)

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Deena Dairy, Grass-fed Goats Ashed Cheese (UAE made)

Our friends from Deena Dairy produce the most wonderful artisan cheese right here in the UAE. From their small amount of free-range, grass-fed goats and cows milk Carla makes the most wonderful range of goats and cows cheeses.

This is a lactic cheese covered in ash to encourage te growth of the blue/green moulds, slightly salty, it has a medium to strong flavour depending on its maturity. It is great in salads, grilled, or on its own. It matures for a further 3-4 weeks with different moulds adding to the flavour profile and becoming more pungent.

Ingredients: Goats milk, cultures, vegetarian rennet, salt, ash