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Crunchies, Freeze Dried Mango

AED 19.50 / pack (30g)

6 pack (30g) in stock

Crunchies, Freeze Dried Mango

Crunchies create delicious, convenient, satisfying snacks unlike anything you have ever tasted! The snacks give you a crunch in every bite to take your snacking to a new level.

Sun ripened, pure freeze-dried strawberry slices are the perfect mix of sweet and tartOne ingredient: fruit and only 40 calories per serving sourced from farmers we know and trust.

All fruit is completely traceable and of best quality. The Strawberries are from Morocco a small African country on the Atlantic Ocean that is a major provider of strawberries. Its unique geography makes for high quality, flavorful berries.

Mangoes are best when they come from a place as robust and flavorful as the fruit itself. The lush tropics of Southeast Asia provides the ideal environment for growing fertile mango trees. That’s why, at Crunchies, we only source our Mango from the jungles of Eastern Thailand.

This region is nestled between the Sankamphaeng Range to the north and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. The geography of the region is characterized by short mountain ranges alternating with small river basins that drain into the Gulf. This tropical region is ideal for producing our sweet, flavorful mango.

Ingredients: Mango

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