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Carrots, Heirloom 'Red Pusa', Organic

AED 7.50 / portion (250g)

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Carrots, Heirloom ‘Red Pusa’, Organic

This tasty and nutritious red heirloom variety from India is extra rich in antioxidants; very high in beta carotene and lycopene. Red carrots have been cultivated in India since antiquity, where they are used in a range of recipes, especially in jams and chutneys. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is most nutritionally effective when cooked with a fat; consequently many traditional red carrot recipes combine red carrot with oils or fats. Great for juicing! Just remember to add a bit of virgin good quality oil to your juice.

Organic Certification Number:ESMA E20-05-000056

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