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Capsicum, Heirloom, 'Purple Oda', Organic

AED 10.00 / portion (300g)

1 portion (300g) in stock

Capsicum (Sweet Pepper), Heirloom ‘Purple Oda’, Organic 

Organic Certification: ESMA E17-10-008292

Capsicums are one of the vegetables we can grow all though the year. They grow on vines and are harvested over a period of about 8 – 12 weeks depending on temperatures and varieties. Capsicums have been part of the human diet in South America since at least 7,500 BC but only became popular in the rest of the world after Christopher Columbus’s crew brought them back to Spain in the 16th century.

‘Puple Oda’ is a wonderful heirloom variety that produces small, pointed fruit of a deep plum colour. The crisp, juicy and think walled fruit are sweet and full of flavour.


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