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Bokashi Waste Recycling Bin

AED 294.00 / unit

9 unit in stock

Bokashi Waste Recycling Bin (made from 75% recycled plastic)

Boskashi is a unique indoor system which recycles kitchen waste into organic compost within 3 – 5 weeks; it is simple, odourless and does not attract any pests!

Step 1: Add food waste to bin (holds approximately 20 litres). The bin can be conveniently and discreetly stored in your kitchen.

Step 2: Sprinkle ‘Bokashi Activator’ over the food waste. Seal airtight lid ensuring ‘anaerobic fermentation’ not decay.

Step 3: Drain liquid from tap every three days – it is teeming with microbes and nutrients. Diluted (10ml to 1 litre), the liquid is excellent plant food, to be used directly on your indoor and outdoor plant or poured neat down your drainage outlets, will remove unpleasant odour and keep drains clean.

Step 4: Once Bin is full, empty contents into hole or trench in your garden and cover with soil. This feeds the natural ecology, whilst adding and attracting beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms. You will have compost 3 – 5 weeks later, which will feed your plant with 1/5 of less of the usual volume required.


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