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BioOrto, Organic Peeled Roma Tomatoes (EATALY Collection)

AED 29 / jar (550g)

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BioOrto, Organic Peeled Roma Tomatoes (EATALY Collection)

BioOrto is based in the beautiful region of Apulia which has a rich tradition of farming. The companies love for its surroundings made them passionate farmers of organic produce that is grown in the rhythms of the nature and the successions of the seasons. All produce is hand harvested with love and care.

✔ Elongated whole plum tomatoes
✔ 100% organic and additive-free
✔ Fleshy with a gently sweet flavour
✔ As a base for tomato sauce, soups and salads
✔ Premium Italian quality

Pomodori Pelati: whole peeled tomatoes in glass from Italy

The pomodoro, the ‘golden apple’ of Italian cuisine, is an elongated red plum tomato, resembling a plum in shape. The organically grown tomatoes are both picked, selected and processed on the day of harvesting to guarantee freshness and flavour.

BioOrto Roma tomatoes as a base for tomato soup, tomato sauce and salads

This firm, fleshy tomato with a full-bodied, sweet flavour is also known as a Roma tomato and is suitable for direct consumption, as well as for stewing and stir-frying. Delicious as a base for saucessoups and salads. Aside from the sultry Italian sun, the only ingredients are fresh water and a pinch of salt. Tomatoes are rich in minerals, vitamins A and C and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.


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