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French Dairy, Isigny Ste Mere Organic Butter (unsalted)

AED 25.50 / portion (200g)

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French Dairy, Isigny Ste Mere Organic Butter (unsalted)

Isigny Ste Mere organic butter is made exclusively with milks from organic farms (AB certified). As well as coming with all the benefits of organic agriculture, they also have the natural richness of an exceptional terroir, the Isigny terroir. The milk is collected at 48-hour intervals and brought in to our reception tanks. Here, each tanker load of milk undergoes an initial series of tests to ensure they meet our demanding quality requirements.

Isigny Ste Mere organic butter is churned using our best creams. These develop all their flavour notes and mouth feel during the most important process of all: the long, slow traditional ripening of the creams before churning. These creams are seeded with carefully selected lactic cultures and then rest for 16 to 18 hours. Then they are ready for churning in the traditional way, respecting  the traditions of the region. This organic butter is naturally rich in iodine, vitamin A and beta carotenoids. It is distinguished by its naturally smooth mouth feel, its melting texture and is very homogenous grain size.

Unsalted organic butter, 200g pack.

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