Who We Are

Elena Kinane – Founder

Organic farming was part of my upbringing and has always been central to my commitment to living a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle.

When my first project Nazwa Organic Farm came to a sudden end, the amazing support I received from my customers helped me to get over the initial disappointment and to realize that I needed to find a way to carry on the work I had started.

There was no shortage of interested parties to begin with but after several meetings it became apparent that although the concept of local organic produce was attractive to potential investors, in reality the magnitude of the hard work necessary and the long-term commitment required proved to be too much of a risk for most.

After considering several options I realized that I would have to take the venture forward on my own to avoid compromising the integrity of it. The experience and knowledge I had gained from Nazwa influenced the approach I took to create Greenheart and ultimately helped to shape the philosophy behind it. In the summer of 2011 my partner Azam Mubarak and I started working on our new project. Initially on a very small scale but by March we were able to grow enough to sell to the public. 

 Demand grew so quickly that we knew we were on the right track. Initially we only sold via collection points. In August 2012 we introduced home delivery and launched our partnership with N_K_D Pizza. Our first retail outlet will open now in February 2013 in Arjan, Al Barsha 2. 

Azzam and I have always been passionate about growing genuine organic produce in the UAE. The farms we manage have been carefully selected. Soil (or rather sand) and water samples were key factors. The existence of a health and sizable livestock also played an important role. The farms are located in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.  We sell all our freshly harvested produce directly to our local community and business partners, cutting out 3rd party traders, which enables us to reinvest to maintain the quality of our produce and ensures maximum nutritional content. Non of our crops are stored for longer than a few hours. 

Furthermore we pride ourselves in growing old-fashioned varieties in our own farm-made, nutrient-rich soil resulting in the most delicious produce available. Our expanding selection currently includes more than 40 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

Every aspect of our operation aims to be in harmony with nature, from water conservation, environmentally friendly packaging & materials, to re-cycling and energy efficiency. All of these aspects contribute to Greenheart being genuinely ‘green at heart’.

Elena Kinane

Greenheart Founder