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Who We Are

Greenheart Organic Farms

Are you looking for fresh, nutritious, organic food grown by people who really care…food that doesn’t cost the earth or The Earth

    YES?..well look no further than Greenheart Organic Farms.

 Our Story:

Greenheart Organic Farms was founded in 2012 out of a genuine desire to grow the best possible organic produce in what is known to be a hostile farming environment; no soil, lack of sweet water & rain, desert storms and high temperatures. After an earlier attempt in 2010 (you may remember Nazwa Organic Farm project; popular but sadly short lived) the same team of Elena Kinane, Azzam Mubarak & Aysha Sumner came up with an improved & unique farming concept.

Greenheart began with a weekly delivery service to Arabian Ranches, where Mixed Vegetable Boxes consisting of freshly harvested seasonal produce were offered. Other areas soon followed and in late 2012 the Greenheart website was a launched with an on-line shopping facility. We started supplying some local businesses and in early 2013  the Greenheart shop opened in Arjan.

Today Greenheart supplies more than 20 local businesses and delivers more than 300 boxes per week. The Greenheart shop gets busier every week and since June 2014 we are HACCP certified.

 How Greenheart works:

Simple – we do everything from sourcing genuine heirloom seeds, to soil building, planning the growing schedule including crop rotation and companion planting.  For those interested in more details we have drawn up the 9 principles of Desert Farming in the next chapter.

As we strictly DO NOT STORE the produce is harvested freshly each morning and we only harvest what is needed each day. A lot of effort has gone into getting the logistics right. After all, what’s the point of going through all the trouble of growing genuine organic produce in the desert if we don’t sell it as fresh as possible? Once produce is harvested it starts to lose nutrients almost immediately.

All produce is sold by Greenheart Organic Farms to either the end consumer which is you or to local business (please see our partners for a full list) and not to third party traders such as supermarkets, health food shops etc.

(Check out our on-line delivery schedule. Once you have identified your delivery area, place your order at the latest by 10am the day before delivery. For example, if you live in Jumeirah and you place your order at the latest on a Wednesday morning (10am deadline), by Wednesday afternoon all orders are consolidated. Once we know what is needed for the following day we put together a harvesting schedule. We start by harvesting items such as Capsicums and Tomatoes in the evening and work our way through the produce list. Items such as Baby Spinach and Lettuce are harvested literally just minutes before our van leaves the farm on Thursday morning. All the produce is then delivered to the Greenheart store in Arjan, boxed by our retail staff and delivered to you by our own drivers only hours after harvest)

Heirloom produce that is guaranteed GMO free is chosen for its flavor and nutrients. Because it’s grown slowly there is an even nutrient uptake. We specialize in unusual varieties that you are unlikely to see anywhere else across the Gulf. At the last count we have more than 120 different varieties of vegetables, fruit and herbs on offer.

We hope to see you soon.

The Greenheart Team